Whether it’s a paragraph of colourful copy, a slice of arresting design – or a complete book showing off the full spectrum of our creative vision in both text and image – XtraMile Creative will walk, run, drive or fly the ‘extra mile’

XtraMile Creative offers a broad range of products and services particularly tailored to suit 
the above and below-the-line needs of the automotive industry. However, it is also able to 
create industry and target-specific creative solutions in the broader corporate environment.

Our services include:

Includes media communication strategy, press release writing and translation, press photography 
where required, road test fleet management, road test vehicle preparation.


Design, layout and printing of corporate and product brochures, newsletters, product leaflets, 
in-house magazines and books. Includes copywriting and photography.


Conceptualisation, planning and management of vehicle launch events. Includes venue liaison, 
specific route planning and route schedules, menus, name tags, table settings, guest lists and invitations, RSVP services, travel arrangements, launch vehicle preparation and cleaning, on-site management.
Also includes vehicle launch press kit origination and production, embracing press release authoring, photography, USB supply and duplication.


Campaign conceptualisation and execution across print, television, radio, digital and social media platforms. Includes complete production of print, on-line and television advertising where applicable.
Media buying services, including advertising placement strategy, media buying and media placement.


Conceptualisation, planning and execution of a dedicated social media strategy utilising specific 
social media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our past and present client base includes Audi, BMW, Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, 
Land Rover, Mahindra, Peugeot, Renault, Suzuki, Volvo, Continental Tyre and General Tire.