XtraMile Creative is in a unique position to provide a turnkey, fully integrated solution encompassing public relations, event management, corporate publishing, advertising and social media

XtraMile Creative is a creative consultancy offering an extensive portfolio of specialised 
services uniquely focussed on, but not necessarily limited to, the automotive industry.

We are in the business of ensuring that the client’s strategic, corporate and product messages 
are communicated clearly and unequivocally, not only to the media, but ultimately to the audiences 
these media outlets cater for.

We achieve this through prioritising quality and ease of use in the context of a communications 
strategy tailored to match a client’s particular requirements.

Our background is closely linked to, but not limited, the automotive sector, where we have 
already produced work for some of the biggest names in the wheels business over the past 10 years.

The services we offer include:
•    Public relations – media communications
•    Corporate publishing – design, layout and writing of brochures, newsletters, product leaflets, books
•    Events and event management new model launches, dealer conferences, customer activations
•    Advertising – creative concepts, advertising campaigns, media placement, media buying
•    Social media – strategy and execution via platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, digital campaigns

XtraMile Creative’s strength lies in its close understanding of and involvement with the automotive media, linked to a unique ability to offer a complete package of services, covering all creative 
and strategic requirements. This ensures consistent implementation of strategy and vital continuity.

We also have vested interests in associated companies offering vehicle logistics services 
and television production, both of which can be applied to the agreed services rendered by 
XtraMile to the benefit of the client.

Most of all, we believe in a total commitment to our clients: we walk, run, drive or fly 
the ‘extra mile’ to ensure the very best levels of service delivery.